A26EB : SpellTomeReanimateCorpse player.addperk 79361 : adds the Juggernaut perkJuggernaut ModPCMiscStat "Largest Bounty" -1000, # GENERAL player.addperk c44bd : adds the Expert Conjuration perkExpert Conjuration “ GRON “ which means Bind player.teachword 5FB95 : ZUN Shout: Disarm 8277a - FXWthrInvertWindowsWhiterun 今回はSkyrim LE用のカスタムフォロワー ... 万が一、他にチェックが既に入っていたら、ESPFE化はやめておいた方が無難です。 ... 2019.06.19 2020.08.10. player.addperk 5312a : adds the Magic Resistance perkMagic Resistance player.addperk 58f6f : adds the Well Fitted perkWell Fitted ModPCMiscStat "Poisons Used" 0 Can pickpocket equipped weapons. player.addperk 105f24 : adds the Silence perkSilence player.addperk c3678 : adds the Hack and Slash perkHack and Slash A26F7 : SpellTomeDreadZombie player.addperk c44c2 : adds the Master Destruction perkMaster Destruction 9CD54 : SpellTomeSoulTrap Persuasion attempts are 30% easier. “ RU “ which means Run 10da13 - FXWthrInvertWfindowsWinterhold “ STRUN “ which means Storm Cast Apprentice level Destruction spells for half magicka. 75491 - FXWthrSunlightWhite A271E : SpellTomeHealingHands player.setav smithing 100 : Set Smithing Skill to 100 (鍛冶) Go to bed Add-on. player.teachword 44251 : JOOR Shout: Dragonrend “ SU “ which means Air 100 Smithing will upgrade to (Legendary) versions of items/weapons. ModPCMiscStat "Quests Completed" 0 Power attacks with two-handed weapons cost 25% less stamina. player.addperk 58210 : adds the Backstab perkBackstab 10e1ed - SkyrimCloudyTU_A f6527 : Nightingale Blade 3eade 100 : Healing Potion を100個入手, その他のアイテムコマンドはここで調べられます。 player.addperk d8c33 : adds the Quick Reflexes perkQuick Reflexes Sneak attacks with one-handed weapons now do six times damage. player.addperk 58f75 : adds the Allure perkAllure Sneak attacks with bows now do three times damage. (例) 最高賞金額を 1000 減らしたい場合 player.addperk c44c0 : adds the Adept Destruction perkAdept Destruction player.addperk 58f66 : adds the Disarming Bash perkDisarming Bash d7ac8: Heavy Armor – Daedric Gauntlets of Peerless Wielding player.addperk c1e93 : adds the Bone Breaker perkBone Breaker player.addperk 58f62 : adds the Power Shot perkPower Shot Heavy Armor weighs nothing and doesn’t slow you down when worn. 877cb : Gold Sapphire Ring (plain for enchanting) (サファイアの金の指輪) “ RO “ which means Balance You are 25% harder to detect when sneaking. ModPCMiscStat "Ingredients Eaten" 0 Dual casting an Illusion spell overcharges the effects into an even more powerful version. player.addperk 58201 : adds the Misdirection perkMisdirection 106635 - KarthspireRedoubtFog player.addperk 105f1c : adds the Critical Shot perkCritical Shot Standing power attacks do 25% bonus damage with a chance to decapitate your enemies. ModPCMiscStat "Days Passed" 0 ModPCMiscStat "Food Eaten" 0 d79a9: Light Armor – Dragonscale Boots of the Mammoth Cast Expert level Conjuration spells for half magicka. Crouching stops combat for a moment and forces distant opponents to search for a target. player.placeatme c2cd4 : All Ammo 1dfe6 : Daedric Bow of the Inferno 10a244 - SkyrimClearSN player.addperk f2ca9 : adds the Novice Illusion perkNovice Illusion player.addperk 58f6c : adds the Tower of Strength perkTower of Strength “ ZUL “ which means Voice player.teachword 48ACB : KLO Shout: Slow Time Magicka regenerates 25% faster. fda06: Light Armor – Dragonscale Boots of Peerless Sneaking player.addperk 105f26 : adds the Treasure Hunter perkTreasure Hunter Sprinting with a shield raised knocks down most targets. Dual wielding attacks are 35% faster. player.setav pickpocket 100 : Set Pickpocket Skill to 100 (スリ) Pick starts close to the lock opening position. It will use the PlayerEnchantObject command and works like this: 「"PlayerEnchantObject"コマンドは"Player.Additem"コマンドと同じような効果です。」, PlayerEnchantObject [], 「例:PlayerEnchantObject [」.