Chapter 105 Master's soul Chapter 104 Master's hand Chapter 103 Master, I am looking for you. He rasped, “Go. (蒙 has many meanings; the more fitting ones for names include ‘fine’ as in ‘fine drizzle’, ‘first light of dawn’ from 蒙蒙亮, etc) This is one of MC’s two fellow disciples, and also his younger cousin who kept calling him a dog-fellow. In the second three-year period, the era name was ‘Croak’, because he heard a frog croak in the yard during summer and thought it was heaven-sent inspiration that he should live up to. Currently working on the other 2 novels I was already translating before I picked this one up. His powers have reached their limits, and he’s no longer a threat, should we handle things so lightly just to take advantage of the present? }); 《The Husky and His White Cat Shizun》all content from the Internet, or users uploaded, Our purpose is to promote the original author of the novel. If it’s not for me, I’m still alive, can you still live? Rufeng Sect = 儒风门. The second year was ‘second year of No Stick’. They scattered, just as the things of the past wilted away. At this time, it is the late autumn, the thick and beautiful airflow of the sea otter. Mei Han Xue! Oh no the angst is real in this one… That synopsis is totally inaccurately portraying the tone of this novel. 0 BTW, Would you give me permission to traduce your English version to Spanish in wattpad? Xue Meng = 薛蒙. The Husky and His White Cat Shizun Chapter 1 February 22, 2019 October 23, 2019 ~ Luka Actually, I wanted to post this in celebration for Valentine’s Day, but I guess life happened…This here is The Husky and His White Cat Shizun (Chinese: 二哈和他的白猫师尊), a novel by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat (肉包不吃肉) on JJWXC. In those years when he dominated the world, the realm of cultivation was a **** sorrow. Be it an extremely shameless ‘Emperor of the Ages’, or something as ludicrous as ‘Stir-Fried’ or ‘Steamed’, he didn’t write anything. It was the death of no one, it was the red lotus. I would like to contribute in some way to the danmei fandom I hope your answer. More than ten years ago, he used to be the young leader of the aunt. You should use that if you want to ask about something like this. It was also necessary to annihilate the remaining nine sects. Therefore, no one is willing to be the pioneer of this battle and take the lead to attack the mountain. The silly dog hadn’t originally intended to put his furry paws out towards that cat. Manage your mouth! Mo Ran pours vodka on an unwilling Shizun and licks it off. It is over. There are so many people down here, with so many nobles and noteworthy people among them; who will be responsible if they lose their lives?”, Xue Meng exploded in fury, “Responsible? I’ve read this on different sites and they were all confusing and I didn’t get it at all, Ican finally read this. Once my holidays start, I’m hoping to update more regularly for HHWCS (short form of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun AKA this novel). ", He gasped and his eyes were red: "Don't you wait so long, the ink will rain down on your own, and beg you in front of you? $("#dr_show_hits_10582").html(data.html); >MC is compared to a dog “You don’t feel anything in your position, but that’s my Shizun! Understandable——most MCs you see in the translated danmei novels are the shou, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking ML=gong I guess? He felt that it was about time, he should end everything. Especially since, y’know, the first grave is overrun with grass. It is not only the extraordinary spells, but also the rock-solid cheeks. Chapter 202 Master first encounter demons Chapter 201 Master, how can I humiliate you? They have been arrogant, as the past has withered. Amidst the pampering and mistreatment, the rises and falls, thirty-two years of his life had passed. Immoral gong X domineering shou Naggy synopsis: Mo Ran felt that taking Chu Wanning as his master was a mistake. After countless drafts, the most shocking, most earth-shaking era name was born—-‘No Stick’. Chapter 193 Master, do you marry me? This story looks soooo good!! Everyone was waiting in trepidation for His Majesty’s fourth era name, but this time, Mo Ran didn’t have the heart to come up with one. thank you for translating this! I am so confused… Dogs and cats were biologically different. Hearing Xue Meng mention his master, no one could keep a straight face. Chapter 102 Master's Master Chapter 101 Master, the last fire in the world Chapter 100 The last sentence of the teacher Chapter 99 Master's third weapon Chapter 98 Master, please, please me Chapter 97 This seat... Chapter 96 Hate in this life Chapter 95 The robbery of this past life. Hence, during his reign, many ridiculous things happened, such as the era name. Chapter 82 I can't believe in this seat. Chapter 58 This seat seems a bit confused. "A decade ago, the smoldering self-sufficiency stepped on Xianjun, and it was not counted in the 72nd city of Confucianism. By looks alone, anyone would judge him to be a kind, good person. He is now the end of the strong, If we can't get into the climate, why should we act rashly in order to figure out this moment? You don't think about it. An old monk in the Allied Forces quickly stopped the young people who were about to attack, and changed to a nostalgic face, and eloquently advised: "Xue Gongzi, please listen to the old saying, the old man knows that you and the ink rain are very deep. Mo Ran felt that taking Chu Wanning as his master was a mistake. As soon as he heard Xue Meng mention his master, everyone's face could not be hanged. During those years when he dominated the world, the cultivation world was awash in blood and full of anguished cries. Welcome to reading and collection 《The Husky and His White Cat Shizun》 latest chapter. ( Log Out /  But it was at this moment that a handsome, prideful-looking youth came out of the crowd. But there was a jug of Pear-Blossom White[4], a bowl of chilli oil wontons that had gone cold, a few plates of spicy food, all of them being foods that Mo Ran loved. His movements were so skillful, like the smashing of the king in the account, stripping the clothes of Hu Ji, with some lazy. Chapter 70 Return of the seat Chapter 69 I will learn from you in this seat~ Chapter 68 I can't bear this seat. No matter whether it is a stinky "Emperor of the Ages", or ridiculous as "oil explosion" and "steaming", he did not write anything, and the tomb of the Emperor of the Emperor of the Realm, after all, the words did not stay. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Your, mine, our Shizun?!”. Despite being fat and round, it thought it looked awe-inspiring, running around the hall crazily. Some said with heavy expressions, “Mo Weiyu’s spiritual powers are strong and he is a cunning person. ( Log Out /  The great rivers and mountains of the original Qinghai River suddenly became smoky. After a long pause, the temple sighed with a soft sigh. In the thick fog, there are countless ghosts and ghosts whispering in the mountains and forests. “I feel like it wasn’t worth it.”. I would link it to your site and give you credit. With the light of victory close before them, the revolution union which had been united by their hatred was starting to have second thoughts. He used to teach you to read and read poems. About Grandmaster Chu…we are all very remorseful and grateful towards him. A few times, it tried to climb up the tall steps and take a good look at the person lounging on the throne, but its legs were too short, so it failed every single time. This pure boy might be revealed to be a trashfire underneath but idc because I love him. Throwing these words, he went alone on the mountain with one sword and one sword. Shock!!! After several months of **** logging, the Rebels finally came to the foot of the dead mountain. Mo Ran thought becoming Chu Wanning’s disciple was a mistake. The tomb outside is the one he had dug for himself. thank you thank you!!!! But the matter of forcing the palace is of great importance. Dogs and cats were biologically different. This style was quite like ‘Wangba’, ‘Croak’, and ‘No Stick’. Swallowing the sickly sweet taste in his mouth, he studied his own fingers, then lazily lifted his eyelids. [龙血山] Chapter 252 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Breaking Soul Chapter 251 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Return, Chapter 250 [龙血山] obsession Chapter 249 [龙血山]本真 Chapter 248 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Forgotten Chapter 247 【龙血山】Hongyan Chapter 246 [龙血山] binding Chapter 245 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Love Enemy Chapter 244 【龙血山】蛇蜕 Chapter 243 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Its three Chapter 242 【龙血山】楚妃 Chapter 241 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Truth Chapter 240 [Dragon Blood Mountain] is a person Chapter 239 [Dragon Blood Mountain] has a heart, Chapter 238 [Dragon Blood Mountain] No soul Chapter 237 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Shenmu Chapter 236 [Dragon Blood Mountain] Chapter 235 [蛟山] Steps to the poor Chapter 234 [蛟山] Emperor Jungui Chapter 233 I want to change the title and change it! I am running around the hall, I want to climb the high steps several times, to see it well, to sit on the emperor. The second year is called chicken / / two years. If you are seeing this text, you are NOT reading it on the original site. When he said this, he was expressionless, his fingers resting on the long red sandalwood, and the knuckles were pale and blue. I have to say that these people are quite right, and the ink burning is really like a silly dog ​​shaking his head. Next to it, fell to the ash of the earth, crying to the numbness of Xuemeng. ( Log Out /  After seeing a man, you don't have to ask the other person, Geng, ask the other person is a few years old chicken / / Ba! capricious! Go see him. Thus, Mo Ran thought about it seriously this time. “His corpse hasn’t rotted because I’ve been maintaining it with my spiritual energy. Go see him. I don't know if he is dead or alive, I don't know how he is doing, I am standing here, what do you think is for? ", "Why don't I marry you? The youth’s expression was grim as he said, “We’ve reached the foot of the mountain but you’re all dawdling and not willing to go up, don’t tell me you’re waiting for Mo Weiyu to crawl down here on his own?