Just grab a Super Leaf power up to float in the air, attack with a tail, and even transform into a statue after performing a ground pound. The game offers a number of traditional Mario items, such as the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman, along with new power-ups that bestow special suits onto Mario and grant him new abilities. The story is set deep in the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom near Peach's Castle where the Tail Tree stands proudly. [45] Famitsu awarded Super Mario 3D Land a score of 38/40, praising level design, accessibility for beginners and the use of 3D. It was then released in North America on November 13,[30] Europe on November 18,[31] and in Australia on November 24. Super Mario 3D Land was developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo,[15] which had previously developed Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, with assistance from Brownie Brown, another subsidiary of Nintendo. See if you can collect them all. [10] The player is able to reserve an extra power-up, which can be retrieved by tapping the item visible on the touchscreen. Nintendo Corporation, The image Mario saw when he opened the first letter from Princess Peach, Princess Peach being recaptured by the Koopa Troop. Besides a whole slew of new levels, the game is being designed to play more like Super Mario … [46] Super Mario 3D Land was awarded the "Best Platform Game Award", and Nintendo 3DS Game of the Year 2011 by GameTrailers. The game was a commercial success, and has sold 12.70 million copies worldwide as of March 2020, making it the sixth best-selling game for the 3DS. [38], GameSpot stated that the game lacked some of the more creative aspects of the best of the series, stating that the 3D was mostly optional, though praised the gameplay as entertaining and fast-paced. Fire Flower: Grab a red hot Fire Flower to have an endless supply of flaming fireballs at your disposal. [9][11] The Invincibility Leaf, which appears after the player dies five times in a level, gives Mario invincibility and Tanooki Suit abilities; while the P-Wing, which appears after the player dies ten times in a level, sends the player right to the end of the level, near the Goal Pole. [28] The game was showcased at Nintendo's press conference at E3 2011, where a 2011 release date was confirmed, along with the appearance of the Tanooki Suit. After clearing the game once, a set of "Special" levels are unlocked, some of which contain additional challenges, such as a 30-second time limit. 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[48] In Japan, the game has sold over 1.66 million units as of August 1, 2012. Power-ups. You can also discover many cleverly hidden secrets. 3DS - Super Mario 3D Land - The #1 source for video game models on the internet! Throughout his quest to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches Mario encounters several more strategically placed letters with clues as to her whereabouts. It is the first Mario installment overall for the Nintendo 3DS console and the second. [2], Super Mario 3D Land's release prompted criticism from animal-rights organization PETA, who created a browser game titled Mario Kills Tanooki alleging that the "Tanooki suit" powerup promoted the live skinning of animals for fur. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. [13] The map screen also contains Toad Houses where players can visit Toad and receive additional items, and Mystery Boxes where more Star Medals can be earned. "[14] Justin Haywald of GamePro gave the game a perfect score, writing that Nintendo successfully captured the nostalgic aesthetic of the series, while still maintaining technical innovation. If you are trying to run an encrypted .cia on something like Citra, it's important that you use this tool. [22] A main concern during development was making a game that would appeal to fans of the 2D Super Mario games as well as the 3D games; levels were designed so that the player would not get lost, moving Mario in one general direction towards each level's goal. Super Mario 3D Land and its sequel are unique from other games in the Mario series, as they combine elements from both traditional 2D Mario side-scrolling games and modern free-roaming 3D Mario games. Mystery boxes that you find on the world map can be shared with other Super Mario 3D Land players via StreetPass. You can navigate by scrolling down from the top of the page. [23], One of the inspirations behind the creation of the game was technological advances that made it possible to implement certain elements that could not be done in previous Mario games. [24] Certain aspects of gameplay were inspired by Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda franchise, including the way that the camera functioned during certain moments. (The invincibility leaf and the P-wing are only available in regular worlds) [12] Each course contains three hidden Star Medals that are required to unlock certain levels. If you are looking for roms: Go to the link in https://www.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/gar3bc/roms_megathread_30_ybin_edition/. Mario's actions lead to the restoration of the Tail Tree. Forums. Expect all the fun you've come to love from Mario in this brand new addition to the franchise. Ideas that were ultimately not incorporated into 3D Land included a pro skater suit for Mario, the ability to change Mario's size to the extreme, and a feature that replaces Princess Peach's face with a photographed face. [25], Super Mario 3D Land development was heavily affected by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11, 2011. You can use the 3D slider on the side of your Nintendo 3DS console to adjust the 3D to a level that's comfortable for your eyes - or turn it off completely. [3] Nintendo re-released the game as a downloadable title via Nintendo eShop in 2012. Prepare to be dazzled by super-fun, imaginative 3D level design, Awesome new Power-ups as well as the return of classics that fans will know and love, like Tanooki Mario and Boomerang Mario, Share and compete against friends in special mystery levels swapped through StreetPass. Perfect to enjoy for a few minutes or a few hours, get ready to escape from everyday hectic life and fill in your "me" time with Mario! 0.91GB : Baixar Torrent: Super Mario Bros. 2 Let's Play? Does anyone know one? 3. With the unique features of Nintendo 3DS, every question block, platform, and enemy can be seen more easily in the space around you-letting experts play with greater precision, and new players jump in more easily than ever. [2] It was also the first 3DS game to sell over five million copies. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Immerse yourself in dungeons, cloudscapes and oceans by using the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope to look around 16 beautiful 3D worlds. [16] Super Mario Galaxy 2 game director Koichi Hayashida directed the game, and the game music was composed by Takeshi Hama, Mahito Yokota and Asuka Hayazaki (formally known as Asuka Ohta). The main story is similar to previous Super Mario titles, centering on Mario's efforts to rescue Princess Peach, who has been kidnapped by Bowser. I got my decrypted rom from the 1fichier link and it works. 3D visuals make it easier for players to judge the depths and distances in their environments. Super Star: This five-pointed wonder makes Mario invincible for a short time, letting him run all over the place without any fear of getting hurt by enemies. The team also started holding group meetings to play-test 3D Land's levels. Players can more accurately judge the jump to the next platform or how far Mario is from a question block. After Luigi and Mario complete the Special 8 Castle level, a new letter falls to the ground far away in an open plain. Wiki Sprites Models ... Apr 26, 2018, 8:02 AM @Smash 68 You know, it's quite hard and it takes a lot of times to rip models, convert them to obj, reorganize the incorrect textures, then publish it. Super Mario 3D Land is a single-player game in the Super Mario franchise for the Nintendo 3DS, released in 2011, and is the first Mario game overall for the console. 0.26GB : Baixar Torrent: Super Smash Bros Let's Play? Star Medals: These shining medals are found in every stage, and in certain mystery boxes. "Super Mario" and all other related trademarks are copyright of the [41] GamesRadar gave the game a score of 9/10, praising its wealth of content, although criticising the inclusion of a run button and some easy difficulty.