[2018.03.14] Lemon [2018.10.31] Flamingo / TEENAGE RIOT [2019.09.11] Uma to Shika (馬と鹿; Horse and Deer) Collaboration Singles [2016.10.05] NANIMONO (Nakata Yasutaka featuring Yonezu Kenshi) [2017.08.16] Uchiage Hanabi (DAOKO × Yonezu Kenshi) If you want to post my translation on other websites, please inform that you received from @Morikemuri. OFFICIAL ORANGE (2010), GUMI✝ROCK (2012), Vocaloid Ultra Best -memories- (2013), EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalofantasy feat. But I'm happy about that for what it is. Flamingo / TEENAGE RIOT is the tenth single by Yonezu Kenshi. Like, "it's true, I'd never made or even listened to a song like that before this, so I wonder why it turned out that way?" Probably everyone's afraid of exposing shameful parts of themselves. Flamingo / Teenage Riot Flamingo Ban [CD+DVD+Smart Phone Ring / Limited Edition] yoiyami ni tsumahajiki kanashimi ni hama sarashi hanagumori ... April 14, 2020. I think everyone tries to hide those things too much. 海の幽霊 (3:54)15. I think I'd like to arrive somewhere which no one has even seen before. No, they were a formative part. It feels like I'm in a similar mode as when Hayao Miyazaki is drawing storyboards and progressing with work, while no one on the production staff knows where the film is heading. And I couldn't come up with an answer for them. Ever since your major debut, you've spoken of wanting to make "ubiquitous pop" and "music anyone can pick up." When I'm wondering, okay, so what do I do next?, I have no role model of any kind. Before I knew it, I was in deep with the game, and made this song with the notion that I was making my own theme for it. For instance, there's a cocky-sounding "ah, yep" voice, which is the "ah, yep" when someone's scolding and lecturing you, but you don't think you did a single thing wrong. A. Before, I'd had DAOKO-chan there for Fireworks, or (Masaki) Suda-kun for Gray and Blue, or even the works themselves when it came to tie-ins. I once did Vocaloid, then left there, and by way of Japanese rock, arrived at a destination of so-called J-pop - I see that as a long journey I've been taking, and I wondered if this was one of the final destinations of that journey. The line "I'll sing it again and again, how I can't go anywhere" is also striking. It mostly just happened. Yes, it is embarrassing to do that - but still, in our age of social media, people are quick to poke fun at those things right away. カムパネルラ (3:56)02. Indeed, from my first impression, I was reminded of your Hachi-era "Close and Open, the Rakshasa and the Corpse." Teenage Edition Regardless of changes in the environment encircling Japan, or increased cognizance of musical scenes overseas, I arrived at the fact that I was just going to be a Japanese person. For Flamingo, the lack of a person on the other side may have had a big impact. And so then, I sprung back the other way. Regular Edition / Flamingo Edition That was how you operated for many songs on last year's album BOOTLEG, your single Lemon, and Paprika which you wrote for Foorin. A. Previous I'm often described with it myself, because after all, I do have some of the notable qualities. I know I am. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I don't know what "Part 2" of my life should be. Q. 馬と鹿 (4:25)07. Q. I myself really dislike the trend of dismissing awkwardness or over-the-top impulses with words like "nutjob" and "chuunibyou." A. I've felt like I've endured a lot of hardships and done so much, but he got me feeling like there's so much more road ahead, and that a life even more worth living awaited me. I hardly had anyone my age to talk to about the music I'd listened to, like People In The Box and THE NOVEMBERS, so I'm glad for that too. Sometimes I feel like that attitude is the real chuunibyou. If there's anything I can say at this moment, it's that I want to do something unprecedented. A. Kenshi Yonezu released his new single, "Flamingo / TEENAGE RIOT," on October 31st. Q. He's a super weird guy, but he's fun. That's been a very important part of me making pop songs.