If it works in a satisfactory way I may abandon VBox on Windows. Upgrading my Virtualbox to 6.1.14 fixed the problem. I'll post again when more informative testing can be documented. 很高兴对你有帮助,文章有价值了!嘿嘿, 火山上的企鹅: The absolutely critical setting seems to be "Virtual Machine Platform" - with that enabled, WSL2 works but VirtualBox guest takes well over an hour to boot. I tried enabling the Windows Hypervisor Platform to see what that would do but that didn't change anything. Windows 2004启用wsl2, 并与VirtualBox 6.0+共存1. 启动wsl时报错: ==参考的对象类型不支持尝试的操作==2.切换wsl版本失败: ==请启用虚拟机平台==5.效果展示6. I installed VMware 16 Player which installed successfully but I have yet to test. 启用wsl24. So I want to move for it, but... (Ansible playbooks that I must use are few thousands lines of custom code, if it weren't for that, I could just go with LXD on WSL). @rotateLeft Yea, but without Virtual Machine Platform WSL 2 will no longer work. Hyper-V + WSL2与 VirtualBox 共存 这样的教程网上有很多,我先简单复述一下。真正麻烦的是我遇到的问题——开启 Hyper-V 后我的电脑会多出几个删不掉的虚拟显示器来,会在文章